Dyslexia At Work

Dyslexia in the workplace: Funding and support…..

Adults who are dyslexic, or believe they are dyslexic, and are in employment are entitled to a Government fund called Access to Work. This fund pays for any special equipment or training needed in the workplace due to a disability, such as dyslexia. Full information can be found at


Hampshire Dyslexia Association has a list of fully trained and qualified Work Place Assessors and workplace specialist support workers. Please contact help@hantsda.org.uk  for this information.

Contact Microlink PC for a copy of a DVD which explains clearly about Access to Work. View this at http://microlinkpc.com/access-work

To apply for Access to Work the employee can telephone: 020 8426 3110
Email: atw-london-region@jobcenbtreplus.gsi.gov.uk

You will need your tax reference and National Insurance numbers to hand when you make this application.

Also see the British Dyslexia Association website page on Adults and support in the workplace.

http://www.bdadyslexia.org.uk/about-dyslexia/adults-and-business/dyslexia- support-in-the-workplace.html

Reference: Job Centre Plus information at

http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/DisabledPeople/Employmentsupport/WorkSchemes AndProgrammes/DG_4000347

Updated July 2011