Hampshire Dyslexia Schools

Specialist Educational Provision for Students with Dyslexia in Hampshire

Hampshire County Council provision for
students with severe dyslexia. 11-16 year olds

Independent Schools:

Chiltern Tutorial School 7-13 year olds

Mayville High School in Southsea 4-16 year olds

Educational provision for specific learning difficulties (dyslexia) in Hampshire’s mainstream secondary schools

All Hampshire secondary schools provide:

  • access to literacy (and numeracy) programmes which are designed to meet pupils’ individual needs and which can be practised and supported across the curriculum
  • access to ongoing review and assessment procedures
  • teachers and support staff with expertise in meeting the needs of pupils with specific learning difficulties (SpLD), including Wave 3 interventions, Quality First Teaching and the Inclusion Development Programme (IDP) for dyslexia and speech, language and communication needs.

In addition secondary schools with resourced SpLD provision provide:

  • access to highly skilled specialist teaching and in-class support
  • access to a peer group experiencing similar difficulties, so there is shared understanding and emotional support
  • an inclusive whole school ethos in which SpLD are particularly accepted, understood and allowed for but where pupils’ strengths are acknowledged and stretched
  • an environment in which the emotional impact of the SpLD is recognised and managed
  • access to a wide range of appropriate learning resources including ICT. During Key Stage 3 pupils allocated resourced places are expected to be provided with a minimum of two hours per week teaching support, either individually or in a very small group, from a teacher with specialist qualifications relating to work with dyslexic pupils. Additional support is also available from teaching assistants, either in a withdrawal situation or within the classroom, to enable the pupil to access the curriculum. This balance of provision may change during Key Stage 4.

The criteria for a place in one of these Resource Bases can be found in the green County booklet – your School SENCO will have a copy. Reading and/or spelling ages falling well below the chronological age of the pupil would be an important factor in the selection for referral and admission.

Eligible children need not have a Statement, but would be expected to have been seen by an Educational Psychologist or an SEN Inspector/Adviser. As a result they would be at School Action Plus on the Special Needs Register. The child’s IEP would suggest that he or she would benefit from further specialist teaching.

Ideally, applications are made in the Summer Term of Year 5 to be with the LAPAG (Local Assessment and Placement Advisory Group) committee at the start of the Autumn Term of Year 6. Before applying, the Primary school SENCO will have discussed the implications for the child attending a school out of catchment and the family will have been encouraged to visit the nearest Resource Base.

The six Resource Bases are at: –

Applemore Technology College, Dibden Purlieu Tel: 023 80848804 http://www.applemore.hants.sch.uk/content.aspx?s=3&p=225

Crestwood College for Business & Technology, Eastleigh Tel: 023 80614232   http://crestwood.hants.sch.uk/

Cowplain Community School, Waterlooville Tel: 023 9261 2020  http://www.cowplainschool.co.uk

Eggars School, Alton Tel: 01420 541194 Email:  http://eggars.net

Fort Hill Community School, Basingstoke Tel: 01256 354311    http://www.forthill.hants.sch.uk/index.phtml?d=99738

The Wavell School, Farnborough Tel: 01252 341256   http://www.wavellschool.org.uk/Learning-Support/

Independent Schools

Chiltern Tutorial School
We teach the child, not the system, and unlock their potential.

Chiltern Tutorial School is an independent school in Otterbourne, Hampshire near Winchester, established in September 1995. The school caters for children aged from 7 to 13 years old.

The aim of the school is to provide a happy, supportive and caring environment in which dyslexic and dyspraxic children, who are not reaching their potential, will be motivated to learn.

Children are provided with strategies to build up their self-esteem and to acquire essential skills in order to make a successful return to mainstream education.

“The main thing that sticks in my mind is Luke coming out of school three days after he started at Chiltern and proudly announcing, with a look of wonderment on his face –

‘Mum, my teacher knows exactly how I think!’

From then on he has gone from strength to strength, he has matured, he is more articulate and above all, he is happy.”

For further information contact Bruce & Jane Gaudie on 01962 717696 / 07855 766675 or go to www.chilterntutorial.co.uk

Mayville High School in Southsea

This caters for boys and girls from 4 to 16 years. “Mayville prides itself on providing educational programmes suited to the individual. In our small classes, we aim to extend the able pupil whilst supporting those who find academic work more difficult.

Some pupils need additional help and this is provided through the facilities of our Dyslexia Unit, Target Reading and Target Numeracy Schemes and computerised support programmes including Successmaker.”

Contact the school on 023 9273 4847 or go to www.mayvillehighschool.com