Murmur: A dance interpretation of Dyslexia at Bournemouth Pavilion November 13th

This appeared in the Helpline mailbox today:

I am writing to you about a professional dance performance about Dyslexia.
I work at Pavilion Dance South West in Bournemouth.

On *13 November* we have Aakash Odedra Company visiting us with a double
bill of professional dance. His piece ‘murmer’ is all about Dyslexia. I
thought I’d let you know as it might be an interesting way to look at or
understand dyslexia through an art-form.

I hope that it’s something that care workers, supporters, teachers and
people with dyslexia might find interesting or useful.

Take a look at the info on the website and you can see a video trailer of
the work too:

Do let me know if you’d like any further information, I hope you can spread
the word amongst your contacts.

Kind regards


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