Multisensory resources for Maths by Jacky Gurney

At the HDA AGM, Gilliam Cawse spoke on the subject of ‘Dyscalculia –
what to do when the numbers don’t add up’. She made some
recommendations for equipment to help children with dyscalculia which
included these resources.

Illustrated is ‘1st Steps with Numicon at Home’.
£30.89 + VAT. There are further resources for
different year groups.

The Numicon shapes make numbers real for
children because they can see them and touch
them. The shapes make odd and even numbers
very apparent and they help children to
understand addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are kits available for groups of children and ‘One to One’ kits that are
ideal for tutors and parents. Included in the kits are guide books with structured teaching ideas.

Cuisenaire Rods.
Introductory Set illustrated. £8.99 from

The Rods come in 10 different colours and lengths representing
different numbers. Young children soon get used to the colour
system and older students find Cuisenaire Rods acceptable to
work with too. They can be used to demonstrate things like
number bonds, area, perimeter, factors, multiples, double
numbers, near doubles, fractions, ratios.

Cuisenaire rods can be used in conjunction with the number tracks from Numicon.

Glass nuggets are very tactile, so good for any counting
750g Adorn Glass Nuggets: blue, green, or clear available online. £2 + p&p.
Plastic Peg Board & Peg Set.

£6.50 from
Peg Boards with 100 holes are good for demonstrating percentages
and fractions.

Base Ten or Dienes Blocks. Illustrated is learning resources Interlocking Base
Ten (Starter Set) £22.95 from Amazon.
The blocks are good for illustrating the number system
and place value. They can be used for adding and
subtracting numbers and concepts such as ‘carrying’
and ‘borrowing’. See a demonstration on:

Stile System

This is a self checking system. The tiles are placed in a
special tray, and if all the answers are right, a given pattern,
that matches with the exercise from the book, will be
revealed when the tray is turned over. There are three
packs; ‘Numbers and the Number System’ (which is
especially helpful for children with dyscalculia), ‘Calculations’
and ‘Shape and Measure’. Suitable for children in Key Stage
2 and older children who need reinforcement at this level.
The packs offer a systematic approach. Available from: Tray is £6.75 and books 19.99 a set.

Numbershark. Single CD is £59.00.
Numbershark is a motivating computer programme that uses 45 games
to teach and reinforce numeracy and improve understanding and the
use of numbers. The wide variety of carefully designed games provides
many ways in which to practise at a chosen level and then to build
skills in very gradual steps. The games focus on: the number system
and sequencing (very useful for dyscalculics); addition, subtraction,

multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages.

Jacky Gurney.

Prices and suppliers based on a web search in Aug 2011. Except for Numbershark,
other suppliers are available.