The Dyslexic Hero’s Journey by Kenneth J. Gordon

We have heard about this book on our Helpline. Has anyone read it yet?

The publishers say:

The main emphasis of this book is on counteracting the lack of  confidence and feelings of low self-esteem encountered by many dyslexics and others with learning difficulties. The book brings a vision of hope to all of those who care for young people with dyslexia or other learning difficulties as well as to adults who have not fared well in the educational system and may wish to return to it. It is a very empowering and liberating book. The author, who was dyslexic, left school at the age of 15 unable to spell or to write. He did however go on to educate himself up to the level of being a well-qualified professional accountant. This man has truly walked the walk, every single step of the way and now lays that journey out before you. His message is simple – if I could do it then you or your child can do it too. If you have any interest in the overcoming of learning difficulties then you simply cannot leave this book unread.

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We all know that there are no silver bullets when it comes to overcoming  learning difficulties. It is a journey and often a very difficult one. This book is therefore one approach to making that journey,which perhaps only someone who has made that journey can truly understand. I hope you will find it, at least in part, enlightening.